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Workshops & Private Lessons

Workshops and private lessons are a great way to help advance your sewing skills.

Are you struggling to learn a certain area of sewing? Are you a complete beginner and just don’t know where to start? Do you need help with fitting or specialty sewing such as corsetry or bridal?

Private sewing lessons are a great way get started sewing, upgrade your skills, or learn an advanced topic. I will work with you one to one to help you learn whatever it is you need to learn (sewing related please!). I can even teach you how to thread that serger you never use (yes – I see you).

Group workshops are great for sewing clubs, meetups, or just a small group of like minded folks who want to learn the same subject. I can give workshops on garment sewing, quilting, needlework, dye work, and more.

For lessons and workshops I am happy to work with people all over the world so long as you don’t mind I only speak English.

Benefits of Learning to Sew

Learning to sew gives you the ability to make your own clothing, quilts, and so much more. This opens up a whole new world in your wardrobe and your life.

Most clothing you buy is designed for a single body type. The problem is that we are all different – and that is wonderful! It’s not your body that is the problem – it is the clothing. When you make your clothes, you end up with garments that fit your body and make you look great.

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