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2-day Livestreaming Workshop

Need help livestreaming? This livestreaming workshop will help you! Whether you are a vendor looking to transition to online sales or a costumer wanting to develop your social media presence, Livestreaming: Tools, Tech & Presentation will extensively cover all aspects from physical setups and equipment to editing and social media platforms.

The live workshop ran from November 14-15,2020. If you would like me to run this workshop again – leave a comment!

What is in the livstreaming workshop:


  • Intro to video production (live & recorded)
  • Backgrounds
  • Lighting (Setups, placement, types)
  • Camera (Multicam setups, types, settings)
  • Mics (Options, types, recording)
  • Software (Recording, livestreams, tech)
  • Editing (Software, apps, options)
  • Livestreaming (Tech, social media platforms)
  • Info booklet packed with tips & info
  • And more!

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