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Pattern Drafting in Adobe Illustrator for Beginners Online Class

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Do you want to learn to draft sewing patterns using Adobe Illustrator?

Learn to draft a custom fitted pattern sloper/block using Adobe Illustrator – no prior graphic design experience necessary! This course will teach you how to draft a basic bodice and skirt sloper/block to your measurements. The full pattern will be drafted in Adobe Illustrator. You will also learn how to make a print-at-home version of your sloper/block along with the basics of pattern grading and patter manipulation.

By the end of this course, you will be confident in your skills in creating patterns using Adobe Illustrator.


Who can take this class?

Anyone with basic sewing garment experience. Having used a commercial pattern before is helpful. You do not need any prior experience with Adobe Illustrator or with flat pattern drafting – that is what I will be teaching you!


What do you need to take this course?

You need your own copy of Adobe Illustrator CC. I will be using the latest version, so if you have an older copy it will work, but there could be differences from the copy I use in class.


About the Course

This course is a take at your own pace course that get you into the world of digital pattern drafting. The course includes practice files, cheat sheets for Adobe Illustrator, and hours of video lessons.


What’s In the Course


Introduction to Adobe Illustrator and Pattern Drafting Prep Work Lessons
Bodice Sloper/Block Lessons
Skirt Sloper/Block Lessons
Printing, Grading, and Manipulating Your Pattern Lessons






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