The Elastic Waistband – Live Demo on YouTube

The Elastic Waistband – Live Demo on YouTube

The Elastic Waistband – Live Demo on YouTube

On my livestream this past week, I went over how to sew an elastic waistband for the under skirt for the Simplicity 8159. I am making a steampunk inspired outfit. It was originally supposed to be for an event but time go away from me and so now it is being made just for the fun of it and to demo for all of my lovely students. I am making View A.

Simplicity 8159 (from Simplicity.com)

In my first video, here, we cut out the skirt and started to do the seaming work. There are 4 panels that are sewn together to make the skirt. The skirt is basically a circle skirt with an elastic waistband made by an all-in-one casing.

Casings are simply a folded over section of a garment that holds something else inside of it. Casings can hold elastic, ribbon, cording, etc. Casing can be made by extending the pattern the needed amount in length at the waist and folding over (like in my skirt) or by attaching a separate piece of fabric (check out this video and this video).

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I get my elastic by the roll from Wawak.com. I love the Non-Roll waistband elastic. It come in 3/4″, 1″, and 1 1/4″. I find the 1″ really handy and use it for most of my purposes. It is wide enough to be comfy and you can easily alter patterns to fit if the pattern calls for a different size elastic. It also comes in black, which is handy for making armor as well.


My fabric was actually a leftover from an old project – my curtains from when I first moved into my current house. The fabric is a slippery two-color poly of some sort. It has the drape of a very thin satin but it worked well for this purpose. I actually had more than I needed – and this skirt took a lot of fabric.


I almost exclusively use Gutermanm thread in my sewing projects for seams. It is durable and comes in so many colors. You can get it at most sewing stores. Wawak carries all of the colors for a great price.

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I am a sewing teacher and cosplayer as well as mom of two boys. I have been sewing since I was 6 years and never stopped. Sewing is my art and my passion, which is why I love to teach.

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