Tools of Trade Series – An Introduction and Your Sewing Space

Tools of Trade Series – An Introduction and Your Sewing Space

Tools of Trade Series – An Introduction and Your Sewing Space

In this series, we will be discussing the tools of sewing and everything you need in order to build your sewing studio.


Learning to sew is one of the most important skills in costuming. Without a well sewn and fitted costume, it’s hard to feel confident and comfortable. Whether you have a spare room or your kitchen table, this guide will help you to find the tools you need to get started.

The Hand Sewing Studio

If you are getting started from zero, you have a few choices as far as your tools and supplies list goes. The lowest cost and simplest to start with is the Hand Sewing Studio. Everyone who sews must learn to hand sew as there will always be tasks that cannot be done except by hand. These tools fit well into a small space. They can be easily stored in a box and put away when not in use.

The Basic Machine Studio

If you have a little more to spend, the Basic Machine Studio is the best way to go. This section includes everything from the Hand Sewing Studio with the addition of a sewing machine a few machine accessories. I advise reading through this section for all sewers.

The Next Level Machine Studio

The Next Level Machine Studio will help you to take your art to a new level. If you already have a machine and the tools from the first two sections, start here. These tools will help you to sew faster and more effectively.

The Ultimate Machine Studio

Are you already intermediate level? Check out the Ultimate Machine Studio and the Fun Extras section for tools that will help you to move into advanced sewing.

About The Info and Guide

I have included prices for most of the tools in this document. The prices listed are based on the available information at the time of writing this document. Prices change often at retailers so make sure to click the links to see the most current cost.

NOTE: I do not make any money by recommending any of these products. All of the products listed are tools I personally use or tools recommended by sewing friends and teachers. The retailers listed are places where I personally shop.


I shop locally a lot! I recommend checking for local sewing shops before ordering online. Not only is it great to support your community, but they are an amazing place to learn and share!


I am a sewing teacher and cosplayer as well as mom of two boys. I have been sewing since I was 6 years and never stopped. Sewing is my art and my passion, which is why I love to teach.

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